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Quick home remedy for heartburnThere are some moments when we do not look after ourselves what we eat. But this greatly influences on our stomach. If you have problems such gastritis then after eating bad food you will feel soon heartburn in your throat. You can not think of anything as to use some quick home remedy for heartburn and release the burning. As for me no medications help me in this case. I’ve tried out several safe herbal heartburn helpers. Yes, I tested them but I did remind that my diet habits were poor and bad. In order not use constantly various things to get rid of heartburn I changed my diet habits. I’ve started to eat more vegetables and fruits, more dairy products such as milk, cheese, yogurts. But when help is needed right now then check out these simple remedies to acquire natural heartburn relief:


1. Saliva. It will help to ease heartburn. Try to swallow it several times, slowly. If you have a small amount of it think about one yummy food you want now or chew some tasty gum.
2. Burp. More often the heartburn occurs due to gas pressing in stomach. It can be quite rude to say but try to burp. To make this you may drink some carbonated beverage. It should relieve the gas pressure of the stomach and feel better.
3. Water. You should drink as much water as 2 quarts a day. It is necessary for your organism and will help to avoid appear of heartburn. Water usually reduces the acidity in the stomach.
4. Ginger tea. Have you known that herbal teas especially ginger tea are the best herbal heartburn helpers? You should a good supply of this stuff if you have frequently heartburn attacks.
6. Aloe Vera. It has also proven to be a helpful home remedy for heartburn. It has a great alkalizing effect on the stomach. It easily neutralizes acid thus will free you from heartburn. Aloe Vera juice is put on sale in form of capsule or liquid form in many supermarkets, drugstores.
This short list of really working remedies should help you to relieve heartburn. As for me I prefer one home remedy for heartburn to others. It is herbal ginger tea. It greatly influences on my stomach, reduce the acidity and prevent the appearing of heartburn. In addition I advise to try out some newly discovered but quite efficient herbal heartburn helpers!

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