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Electronic Smokeless Cigarette - New AlternativeMany decades ago people become aware of harmful effects of smoking. Some started struggling with this nasty problem, some didn’t even try. Today we have a great option to the harmful cigarettes it is electronic smokeless cigarette. Are they good or bad? There is no exact answer to this. Some people say it really works. First let’s talk a bit about these electronic cigs. They are a new product on the market. These e cigs look and smell like real cigarettes but do not have any tobacco. They have just nicotine cartridges. Electronic cigs are designed so …

When you inhale, the “flow censor” is activated and the spout of vapor releases. This vapor is clean and doesn’t contain harmful elements such as the carcinogens found in tobacco. The electronic smokeless cigarette consists of a nicotine cartridge with E-liquid inside. When liquid ends there are two options to refill it. The first is to buy E-liquid and simply fill the cartridge. The second is to buy a new cartridge. I should say one cartridge is good for 2-3 usages. So it is simpler to buy E-liquid for one cartridge 2 or 3 times and then recharge the cartridge with new. When you smoke electronic cigs you can see a small LED light at the tip of electronic smokeless cigarette that turns orange to simulate a real cigarette. It should be mentioned that the nicotine cartridges come in various strengths. When you start quitting smoking you may start with full length, then go to the half or medium strength and at last to minimal strength or zero level. It is so done that a smoker can gradually reduce the impact of nicotine on his organism. Have you known that a set of new 5 cartridges usually costs around £8? This set is equivalent to 500 cigarettes! Browse for better choice and price for an electronic smokeless cigarette starter kit. Do not buy any Chinese products. They are simply imitations to the real electronic cigs. If you have e cigs you can smoke at any public place you want. It is healthier than usual cigarettes. There are some levels that will help heavy smokers to reduce the smoking impact step by step. If you smoke less than decade you can start from second level.

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